How to access Netflix from outside the USA

Netflix is one of the (if not the) best media streaming services in the world. I offers millions of hours of video any day, any time.
The problem? If you don’t live in the US, you are doomed.

When a company makes a movie, it tries to sell this video to as many publishers as possible. Netflix is just one of them and when Netflix buys it, they get a license to broadcast this movie in one place only – the US of A.

Netflix itself wouldn’t mind if you watch a video from Paris, New Delhi or Barcelona.  The reason they give you a hard time is because they want to be “ok” with the company who sold them this movie.

Until recently, people used VPNs in order to access Netflix from outside the US. Not any more. Netflix blocked all VPNs from using their service and this is not possible any more.

So what can you do?

In the next post, we’ll discuss new ways of accessing the web, ways that can make your life easier and improve the quality and habits of your online engagement with services like Netflix, Hulu and others.

Stay tuned.

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