How to access Facebook in Turkey

If you are in Turkey and need to access Facebook, this post is for you.

Unfortunately the Turkish government has blocked Facebook. Apparently Facebook offers freedom of speech, which is not very welcome in Turkey these days. So in order to connect to Facebook, there are a few things you can do which are very easy and very effective.

The best way is to use a secure proxy. is a good place to start. The main reasons is that it does not require any installation and it has a free trial. This is critical when trying such services, since without a free trial there is  no way to make sure that this service really works and can really help you access Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest.

Another important thing to check is that the proxy service you use is secured. How can you check it?

Very simple.

The address bar in your browser should look like this:

This is how the address bar looks when there is a problem and the connection is not secured

Just make sure that your connection is secured.

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