How To Access Twitter In Turkey

Many of us travel to Turkey on business. Recently, I have asked myself, and done extensive research to find out if I can access Twitter in Turkey. I have come to the conclusion that Twitter is censored in Turkey. If you write something that the government does not like, they will block your Twitter account. Now, I personally use the Twitter social media platform for work purposes, however, do I really want to take that chance that I may be censored? My Twitter account can get banned? No, I don’t. Which is why I chose to use this proxy service to access my social media accounts for the duration of my visit in Turkey. I don’t want to have the extra worry of not knowing whether or not my activity on Facebook and Twitter are being monitored by the Turkish government.

What I did was I simply signed up for a proxy service, for my peace of mind.
I will explain exactly what a proxy is and you can decide if you would like to access Twitter through this service as well.

Basically, a proxy is a service which changes the location of where you sign into different websites. There are free proxies, and secure proxies. A free proxy is usually not secure, and gets blocked very quickly. Secure proxies are more difficult to locate, and keep your information secure. I would rather pay for a secure service, and know that the chances of it getting blocked are very slim. As well, when you pay for a service, the good customer service which comes along with it are well worth the low cost.

I prefer using proxies as opposed to a VPN since a VPN requires downloading software to your computer. Many people have work computers, and trust me, you do not want to accidentally download a virus to your computer. Whether a work or personal computer, it would not be a good thing downloading viruses onto your computer… Yes, it happens. You don’t know who the person is that you are downloading this software from, and I personally wouldn’t take that chance. With a proxy, you are given a login URL and you sign in, and from there you just sign into the websites that are censored and blocked. Easy.

This is not the first time I am traveling to a country with internet censorship, and so I have done much research in the past, and know which proxies work, and are worth signing up to. For the low cost of approximately $6 per month, I find that it is definitely worth it.

I do not want to get into a situation in Turkey where I cannot access Twitter and Facebook, so I am going well prepared and ready. Either way, I don’t want my accounts being “watched” and monitored. Who does? No one I know…

So go ahead, find the best proxy to access Twitter in Turkey! Even better, you can try this service out for free before you sign up, just go to and click on the free trial!